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Interview With Kane


Interview With Kane Hodder
"Jason Voorhees" - Friday the 13th Parts 7 & 8, Jason Goes to Hell, Jason X
LS: Hi, how are you doing Kane?
KH:I am Doing Fine Luke, Just Done A Scene In a Movie Called "Daredevil" coming out in a couple of weeks.
LS:Yea I heard that you play a thug, Is Your part just a small Part or an important role in the film?
KH: Well, I would call it in between,I have a  couple of speaking parts but that’s just about it.
LS:Great! Now Lets get to what every one wants to hear.
KH: I think I already know what that is!
LS: Freddy Vs. Jason!
KH: Actually I was thinking about the wart on my foot!
LS: (laughs) Okay Are you pissed about not being in Freddy Vs. Jason?
KH: Yes and No. I have been Reading Around various message boards and have noticed people want a change with the role and look of Jason and I am totally fine with that. Ya know these are made for the fans.
LS:Well I have to tell ya you were one hell of a Jason.
KH:Kiss Ass,(Laughs) I thank you for your compliment.
LS: No problem,Now have you seen any of the pictures of the film?
KH:Actually I have seen kenny and he looks pretty damn good I love the way he towers of Englund.
LS: Yes he is a big fellow,looks like yao ming with a hockey mask on!
KH(laughs) What is he like 7’5?
LS:Yes he is pretty damn tall. Now do you want people to boycott the film because your not in it?
KH: Hell No they have waited too damn long for this. No PriMaddona here.
LS:Who is going to win?
KH:Jason is going to kick Freddys Blistered ass!
LS: I agree! If new line asked you to return as Jason would you?
KH:Yes I would but only for the last one.
LS:intresting, well I am going to leave it at that I see that you have a long line behind me I would like to thank you for all your time Kane.
KH: No problem your pretty cool and know a lot about the series for a Fourteen year old.
LS:I  just love the series.