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Houston, TX 2003


Houston, TX  October 10th, 2003, the day I met Kane Hodder, by Sarah
Yesterday or rather last night so totally made up for the HELL that was going on the remainder of the day.
First off, me and my friend left later than expected, 130 instead of noon.  Then thanks to it being the OU/TX football weekend, we decided to go through Ft Worth then jog over to Dallas and catch the highway to Houston.  BIG mistake.
We made it to Ft Worth ok, got on I30 to Dallas and it a head stop.  It was at a stand still.  and to make matters worse, my truck started over heating so, we had to sit in 90 degree heat, with no wind, on a hot highway for 2 hours, a trip that should have taken only 45 min!
Finally after eternity, we made it to I45 and were headed to Houston. Thanks to me doing 90 all the way down there, we made it in record time, 4 hrs instead of the normal 5.  Then came the next big mistake.  Misunderstanding the directions from the website, we got on I10 and head east.  100 miles later we are at the GULF OF MEXICO!!!
So after spending $5 to get a map of Houston and 5 seconds to see where we needed to go, cause the DICK behind the counter wouldnt let us just look, we were headed back to Houston.  By this time it was 930.
We finally make it back, get turned in the right direction and finally see our exit and our final destination!
The place was nothing like I expected.  It was like 3 large warehouses.  I was expecting sorta like an out in the open sorta thing. The first building was the Party Boy store, followed by the 2nd right behind it that houses a haunted house, and the third behind this one housed where we bought the tickets, KANE! and another haunted house or so I think?
The parking lot was full so we parked in the grass next to a VERY high ditch, and headed to the back building.
We walk up to the door and the first thing I see is KANE sitting behind a table off to the side.  The first thing I noticed about him was that he looks EXACTLY like his photos, the 2nd was, I honestly thought he looked a little pissed.  No one was around his table at the time.  As me and my friend are walking in thru the doors, I glance up at him and he is looking right at me! And I really started to get nervous!!!
Even tho I wanted to run right over to him, we had to go buy tickets.  There were a few people in line before us.  As we are waiting in line. I see a glossy photo of Kane and some lucky chic, cheek to cheek, a very close up head shot.
And written on it was... $25

Well we get to the lady at the register.  She says it's $17, $22 for VIP passes.  I ask if we had to buy a ticket when all we were here was to see Kane.  She said yes.  I asked if we had gto buy the photo and she said if I wanted an autograph then yes but he had some of his own glossys for sale cheaper.  So we reluctantly paid and then!!!!!
We turned towards his table, which was about 10 feet away and behind us.  There was a group of teenagers in front, giggling but not really talking (or rather they were talking very quietly) facing Kane.  So we waited.
Suddenly the turn and leave (no photos, autographs or nothing me and my friend think they were just looking at the photos he had laid out in front of him)  And then OH MY GOD we were facing him!!!!
I got so nervous and giddy (which by the way when this happens I can turn into a bumbling, rambling fool with the shacks)  But remembering what Mileni said, I went over and offered my hand and introduced my self.
He was sitting down, and yes he had on the gloves.  And his hand shake was VERY strong.  Not those whimpy ones some guys give us ladies cause they think they are gonna hurt us ones.  he actually shook my hand a bit longer then most people would shake hands.  He repeated my name and then shook hands with my friend Mandy.  He seemed a little bit cheerful at this time.
OK a break in the details, not sure if he was sick or not getting many people or what ever but he did seem more cheerful when me and my friend went over.
Now Heather make sure you are sitting down and dont scream TOO loudly at this next part
 but not knowing what to say or start the converstation, I used Heather.  I asked him if he remember talking to a girl named Heather on IM and he DID!  he even remembered your ID  (even better than me I am afraid) he said soemthing like doesnt she have one like "roxy" something and me being nervous and not thinking I said that I thought it was more like joka or jgl (i was getting your yahoo and aol confused) then he said no I think it was. (but not in a mean way) then I remembered and said yeah I think your right.
Well then he asks about the site cause he remembered and he mentioned the angels.  And he asked if I was one.  I said yes and he was so thrilled.  I mean ladies this guy was really thrilled and flatered that he had ANGELS!!!!
So I told him how we had come about (the story and all) and who we were and were we all lived etc etc.
Then we started talking about the site which he was totally thrilled as well.  I asked him if he would be willing to help out to contribute and he got so excited he said that he would give us stuff that no one else knew about like pictures etc and he mentioned one he called an early project one he was embarrassed about called "hard Bodies"  which i had heard of but didnt kno very well, he said he had photos from it he would send us.
We started talking about the web site domain, I said we just needed to figure out a domain etc.  he said yeah cause was taken and I told him they were wanting like $20,000 for it and he said that they wanted to charge HIM that much for it as well.  Then he said we could use soimething like which i told him that that was the one we were thinking of using and he said that he must have gotten the idea from us about it?  Then he said either that or a .net or .org which he had himself.
OK another break in the story, some of these events arent exactly in order cause I cant remember exactly the sequence we talked about them in.
Another time we were talking about the angels and he said that he would give me a discount since I was an Angel, A angel discount!!!!!  1/2 off cause the big glossies (one of uber jason, one of the eewww pix we have in the files) were $20 and there was a smaller black and white (one of jason holding the weed eater) that was $10 but it would be $10 or $5 for me.
During this time he also got a couple phone calls or text message on his phone (which by the way he was very polite and said excuse me for a minute, you dont have to leave!)
I noticed that when he checked the phone, he took off his right glove.  Sorry Heather I forgot to ask about why he wears them. But then would put it back on afterwards.
Well I asked if I could get a picture, being nervous i totally messed up and said taht I wanted one of the $25 (cause i honestly thought that was the only way to get a photo w/ him) he said that we could use my camera!
But said to say, he said he wanted to remain seated.  Not sure what was up with that if he was hurt or something like that and I wasnt thinking straight and didnt ask if he was ok.
So all I got was a picture of me and him next to each other, but he did smile!  I thought about putting my arm around his back and almost did but then I remembered that he may have had recent shoulder surgery and didnt know which one it was and didnt want to accidently hit the bad one and hurt him so I just squated down next to him, which by the way as I was squating down I kinda leaned up against him as I knelt down
My friend took the photo and I took one of her and him.  Then he signed a photo for me, and we shook hands again and we left.  i wanted to stay longer but there were other people waiting behind us, and we still had a long drive ahead of us, which by the way he was surprised ( he said wow!) when we told him we had driven down from Dallas!
Some other things I noticed and learned.  one Michelle I think his eyes are hazel cause they looked mroe brownish green in real life.  His burn scars are hardly noticable.  He has a great smile, is very polite and friendly and he looks you in the eye (not the intimidating,s taring type) when talking to you or you talking to him.
He was wearing a faded black tee shirt that had "zombie" something written over the left chest and regualr blue jeans (sorry didnt look at his feet was too busy looking at his face!)
And I also learned that "Bijek" is marsian (sp?)  I think a langauge in the South Pacific where he grew up means...basically...SHIT!!!!
Oh I laughed at that!  But over all even tho it wasnt very long 5-10 min maybe? It was a very enjoyable experience and I am so glad I went, it mad all the horrible stressful things that have been going on lately totally go away with those moments I got to talk to him!
Once I get my film developed, I'll send out the photos and the autograph that i have.  Which by the way when he wrote the message (you're next!) he said I dont mean that really.
And he knew how to spell my name correctly!  He started to spell it and I said it was with an H and he said I was thinking it was with an H!
And when I told him my last name, he said no I'm not going to go there at first I didnt understand but then I did, Blair Witch.
I am so honored to have met him, I hope I get to met him again.  And we all get to met him together, cause he is everything that we imagined he would be.  he is so thankful and caring towards his fans and treats them so well!