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He's Back


This is the first one I ever wrote on Jason Voorhees. It was on my first site then with all the ones I wrote, I had to delate them all. Now I can put this one up for you all to read.

                                          Word has it
                                          He's back from the grave
                                          Clamming more victims
                                          Revenge is all he thinks
                                          of over his mother's death.
                                         Can't run away from the
                                         man in the hockey mask
                                         The mask of death
                                         famous notorious killer
                                         of Crystal Lake.
                                         He's back to come kill you
                                         You wouldn't know he's
                                         there, sneaks up on
                                         his victims quietly.
                                         No shadow, nothing.
                                         You can try to fight him
                                          He's stronger than
                                          you know it
                                         Aways wins in the long run
                                         Only has one goal
                                         To kill you
                                         He's back again
                                         Never gives up
                                         Mask of fear,

copyright @ 2003 by MFisher