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Behind the Hockey Mask


watched Jason X at least 54 times and can't get enough of this movie. I only hope for another Jason movie so come on, I need a Jason movie to get me going. This one came from watching the movie in the beginning.  

See the sadness in his eyes
He loved his mom more
than anyone
She gave him love,strength
to go on
Do you wonder why he
does what he does
Everyone made fun of
him, he wasn't like
any of the kids
He was disfigured, no one
to talk too.
Feel the pain behind
the hockey mask
Look in his eyes
No love lost to whom
he kills
Behind the hockey mask
he wishes his mom was
with him, in her memory
he'll punish every person
who stands in his way
See the fear in their eyes
When coming to kill
Look in his eyes, what do
you see a man with a hockey mask
or a creature?