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As friends and family know, I'm a huge Jason Voorhess fan. I love this guy, I written so many poems on him that this one was like wondering does Jason ever think why he does what he does? Doubt it.

                                   I can understand you're
                                   hurting inside
                                   The death of your mom
                                   was a terrible loss
                                   You never got to morn,
                                   Jason, you rose from
                                   the dead, to revenge
                                   your mother's death.
                                   Jason, don't you see
                                   the pain in the eyes
                                   of the victims you killed
                                   You bring out the fear
                                   of the legend behind
                                   the hockey mask.
                                   I wonder if you ever cried
                                   have feelings for what
                                   you done to 
                                   keep on going, murdering
                                   the people of Crystal Lake.
copyrighjt@2005 by MFisher