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Jason's Match


FANDOM: Friday the 13th

LENGTH: prologue + 13/13

CATAGORY: horror

RATING: R for language, violence, gore


STORYLINE: in the future around 2008 at the La Prision Abandonada Vieja.

DISCLAIMER: The character of Jason used in this belongs to his respective owners. No infringement was intended on their copyrights. He is used here only for non profit entertainment purpose. No rights of property or royalties were received. The remaining characters and the storyline are 100% mine.

SUMMARY: Jason is mysteriously called to the prison near Crystal Lake where he helps to free someone who may be his match yet.

MAIN CHARACTERS: Jason Voorhees; Jordan "Jourdyn" Lemke.

OTHER CHARACTERS: Blonde soldier - Earnhart, Soldier in Corridor - Arnaut, The Elites - McSweeney, Rosenbomb, Francisco, Taylor. Scott, Moore, Sgt. Howell, Ray - the expert on the prison.

NOTES: Special thanx to my fellow Kane's Angels for their encouragement, ideas and feedback, thanx for everything ladies y'all are the best! Also the quote at the begining help me to write this fic, keeping Jason as Kane Hodder had made him to be. I found this on a friend's site after I had written the first disastrous part 5 and changed it well basically because (in Kane's own words about Jason from F13 IX): "He wasn't nothing but a big 'ole pussy anyways."



She sensed a presence looming over her in bed.  Her eyes snapped open as she gasped at the hulking form in front of her.

A flash of moonlight glinted of something metal in his hand, as he raised it over his head to strike a deadly blow.

With a small yelp, she rolled over on her stomach, just as the machete came whooshing down, it's sharp edge slicing into the soft down of her mattress.

She glanced over at the large knife sticking out of her bed with an almost disbelief as it's owner yanked it back out with little effort.

Needing no more urging, she rolled completely off the bed, landing upon the hard, cold floor.  Just as her bare feet touch the surface, she was yanked backwards.

The world seemed to move in slow motion.  She felt something sharp prick the side of her neck, just below her right ear.  The odd sensation traveled across her throat to her left ear.  She almost didn't register what had happened as she felt a wetness pouring down her chest.

The large human grabbed her from behind flipping her back onto the bed.

Her fogged mind could only see the large form that stood in front of her, light flashing off metal, a machete.  The knife slicing downwards in an arc, laying open her torso, her guts burst from their tight, cramped space inside her abdominal cavity. The monster dropped her as the life drained from her.  The darkness enveloping her.


Time seemed to fly by but she wasn't aware of the time frame, length or anything rather.  Just suddenly she was there.

Through the blackness, she sensed something. 

Her mind...

*Is that my mind thinking?*

registered something even though she knew not what it was.  She could hear people but not understand what they were saying but yet she wasn't alarmed.

*Is this what it's like to be dead?   Am I dead?*

She could feel soft touches on her skin.

*Is that mine?  Are they touching me?*

But yet it didn't feel like part of her.  It felt more inside.

She could hear a noise, she thought it was drilling but she didn't know for sure.  It was almost as if part of her brain knew what it was but the other part was hearing the sound for the very first time.

*Like a new born baby.  Have I come back as someone different?  Is this what it's like to be born*

The fingers...

*Are those fingers?*

poked at her.  All over her body.  She didn't feel any pain nor was she afraid.  She was calm, relax.  Even though she thought she shouldn't be.

She remembered nothing.  Only darkness and now these strange sensations.

*I must be being birthed.*

She felt like she was floating above her body, for she couldn't feel her limbs enough to move them, yet she could feel the 'touches' of the unknown.

The feeling moved from her head, to her chest. 

She heard or what she thought was a high pitched whine, an electronic whine.

Then suddenly she felt.

An excruciating electrical pain flashed through her body.  Her mind seemed to want to explode.  She wanted to scream out, but couldn't.

The pain stopped.  The voice were clearer, the feelings more recognizable.

Then the whine.

She heard a thump, her body seemed to jump as what felt like 1000 volts of electricity flaming through her body.

She gasped, gulping in air.  Her lungs screaming at the sudden intake.

The whine came again.  A voice.




This time she did scream.



She was running.  But she didn't know why.  Her feet pounded the earth, crunching the pine needles and leaves underneath as she continued at break neck speed through the darkness of the woods..

She whipped around trees with inhuman skill.  Narrowly missing branches above and roots below.  Yet she continued never slowing down.  Her excellent night vision cluing her into dangers that lay ahead.

Her breathing came fast but even and easily.  Puffing out in the cold night air as she continued her suicidal run through the darkness. Her body clad more for summer than the fall cold, gleamed in the moon light. The chill never seeming to penetrate her skin.

She could hear them behind her.


The muffled thump of the horses hooves reaching her acute hearing far sooner than it would a normal human being.

She could have easily stood her ground and fought them.  Her normal self would have, but yet something had told her to run something inside was screaming at her to take flight.  That her pursuers weren't the regular's that she would have usually encountered.

She felt a pain in her right thigh seconds before the almost silent ping of a gun.  A dart gun.

With out slowing she reached below and yanked the dart out.  Still never slowing her stride.  She knew it had come from in front rather than from behind her but still she flew on faster and faster.

She rounded a tree when suddenly her legs refused to obey her commands and she tumbled to the ground.  She saw the shadowed form above her a split second before she thrust the dart into the man's throat, plunging it as deep as she could.

Blood splashed across her face as he made a last attempt to scream, the noise coming out gurgled and full of fluid, but she didn't care.

Rolling over she crouched on bended knee waiting for the attack that was sure to come. She slowly licked her lips, tasting the coppery sweet taste of the man's blood. Her hand absently rose to her face wiping the blood on her finger tips and bring it to her mouth were she carefully licked the fluid from them.

At the teasing taste her weak, starving body seemed to respond, screaming out it's thirst for the fluid that kept her going, kept her alive.


She whirled around lashing out with a knife that had been hidden.  Plunging it deeply into the other man's rib cage, between the fourth and fifth ribs.  Puncturing his heart.

He screamed out as his already bleeding out body crumpled to the ground.

The attack came.

They came from all sides.  Too many even her unique mind to register where from.  They attacked all at once.

She fought as she had been trained.  Pure instinct giving away to pure survival.  She knew she was had.  She knew it was over.

Her body was slowing giving up, registering before her mind that she was defeated but yet she fought on.

*It's not supposed to end like this.*  Her mind screamed out at her.

A vision flashed before her eyes.  Something she knew would help her through.

The man before her stood straight.  Raising his left hand he brought the club down hard.
Light and pain exploded through her temples.  She fell in a heap at his feet and remained still. 

Her eyes open but not really seeing.
She felt the prick of the needle and the fluid, burning as it was forced into her veins.

"Not like this."  Her lips could barely form the words as darkness swarmed over her.

Her mind in a last desperate attempt for survival screamed out one last word. Hoping the person it was ment for would hear.



The deer slowly lifted it's head.  It's mouth stopped in mid chewing of it's meal.  It's dark eyes glancing nervously around the darkened forest that had earlier held so much excitement.

After several moments of stillness, it finally lowered it's head back down to the fallen branch laying at it's feet.

It never once spotted the large hulking man silently walking between the trees.

His arms hung at his sides.  His one good eye staring coldly ahead.  He stopped periodically and much like the deer waited for any sound of movement.

The only sound was the whispered bodiless voice that filled his head ever time he became still.  That voice the one that had caught him off guard, making him clasp his hands to his ears as the louder first scream seemed to rip through his skull.

Ever since then it had become barely audible.  But yet he heard and for some reason he followed.  He knew not where he was going or even why but knew he had too.

He placed a foot over a large fallen tree.  As his weight shifted he still made no sound.  His walking became steady, the only other movement came of his broad shoulders as he slowly took in the cold crisp air into his lungs and let it out in a white cloud of mist.

His direction stayed steady straight ahead.
He never pondered over who the voice belonged to or if it was coming from a male or a female.  His killer instinct had set in and from the very beginning he knew he had to find it's owner.

He came out into a small clearing and paused, waiting for the voice to come again.

The clouds drifted across the moon, letting brief light shine down, glinting off the long knife he held in his right hand, making it look like the white mask covering his face was glowing.


He raised his head and looked through the trees ahead.  In the distance he could see the faraway glow of lights.

Silently he picked up his feet and headed towards them knowing that was where he had to go.

His large stride brought him to the old run down compound quickly.  He paused looking up at the towering wall before him, at the old rusting barb wire coiling at the top.

The walls were crumbling in places, holes showing through it's ancient stone.  He paced back and forth along the closest wall.  Gauging it's strength against his own powerful one.  His mind and senses coming alive to the people milling about behind.  He could hear at least 6 just inside the walls.

His heartbeat stayed regular and even.  His breathing coming deep and slow.

The voice came again urging him on.

Without thinking, without a pause, he crashed through the weakened outside wall.  A close sentry let out a surprised yell that was cut off short as the machete sliced through his neck, sending his head rolling away.

The hulking man walked off, as his latest victim's body slumped to the ground with a quiet thud.

Two more guards came running up.  One opened fire with his pistol.  The bullets having no effect on the masked predator as he reached for the nearest one and ripped the gun out of his hand, pulling his arm off in the process.  With the man screaming in agony, the larger one started to viciously beat him to death with his own limb, the gun still clenched in his fist.

The second victim collapsed easily, and the killer tossed the severed arm on top of the lifeless body as he turned his attention to his other shocked

The smaller man held up his hands in surrender not realizing the man he was dealing with didn't care.  He grabbed him by the back of the neck and slammed his face into a near by pole.  The sickening crack of his skull resounded off the close walls.

A guard posted up on the wall opened fire but only got off a few rounds as the thrown knife of one of his comrades sliced through his neck, laying open his throat and artery.  In a last desperate attempt of survival, he wrapped his hands over the gushing wound and fell face first off the wall.

The killer watched his body fall with a slight bounce at the end.  He turned back around and continued as if nothing had happened.  His eyes focused on a door across the open yard of the compound.  A door, even though he had never been to this place before, he knew would lead to where he was supposed to go.

Two men came running around the corner, shouting out an alarm as the nearly ran into the large mass of the man outside.

He grabbed the nearest one, placing him into a head lock and pulling him into his body as he slowly broke his neck with his free hand.

The body crumpled as he turned his attention to the remaining soldier.  The kid turned and grabbed for the door, getting it open as the killer reached him.

The invader grabbed the partially open door and slammed it on the kid's head crushing it against the door jab, splatter blood along the wall and inside of the door.

The man threw the door open, causing it to crash back against the wall, ripped off it's hinges.

As silently as before he headed down the darkened staircase inside.  His instincts leading him through the darkness to an unknown room.

Despite the trouble outside he met no resistance inside.  Once at the bottom, he paused looking both ways before he chose the hallway leading to the left.

A guard rushed out from a room behind him and rammed a knife deep into his shoulder blade.  The man grabbed the other and slammed his head against the wall.  Walking off he reached for the knife and yanked it out.  He turned and flung it without warning into the chest of the other soldier who had tried to sneak up on him.

His long strides brought him swiftly to another staircase leading down.  He paused once more waiting for the voice that now had become almost part of him.


He cocked his head to the left, then took the steps slowly downward.

At the bottom he turned right without pausing.  His gaze set on the closed barricaded steel doors in front of him.  A lone sentry stood outside.  The blonde haired man looked up from his magazine he was reading.  His eyes resting on the boots of the man in front of him.  His gaze traveled upwards following the line of the man's body and his tattered clothing.  he continued looking upwards past eye level, staring with fear into the masked face of the taller man before him.
Before he could react, he had him by the throat and slammed him against the door, but not nearly as hard as he could have.

The blonde headed soldier fell to the floor and shook his head.  He unholstered his weapon but it was slapped out of his hands before he could get a round off.

He stood up and took a swing at the larger man, his fist connecting hard with the jaw of his opponent, only to cause no effect.

His body was slammed against the door again as the masked man grabbed a hold of him and stood before him.

A vision formed in the frightened man's mind.  A vision of the door behind him opening.  He realized with horror at what the giant in front of him was wanting.

"No, never."  His blue eyes wide with horror he tried to avoid the piercing glare of the other man's brown eyes.

His head slammed against the door again.  Jarring his teeth together and sending blood gushing from his lacerated head.

"OK ok."  With a shaking hand, he reached in his pocket and took out the single key.  "You don't know what your asking."

Willing his fear down, he turned his back and tried desperately to open the locked doors.  His hands shaking so badly now, the blood flowing into his eyes, he clasped one hand over the other.  His eyes closing as he heard the loud click echo down the vacant corridor.

The hulking shape behind him grabbed him by the neck once more and ripped the doors off it's hinge as he flung them wide.

The light from outside filtered in.  The hulking mass of the man filling the doorway, his cowering victim whimpering at his side.

He tilted his head to the left again in that characteristic way of his as his eyes rested on the source of his calling.



She kept her eyes closed, her head tilted downwards.  Her mind reaching outward towards the man she had been calling.

She heard the commotion outside the room and knew her time was at hand.  With the click of the lock, she opened her eyes.

She saw the light from the corridor spread across the floor towards her.  Then the two shadows of the men fill the door way.

She raised her head, focusing her gaze on them.  Her chains clinked slightly with the brief movement.

The blonde haired soldier stood stock still.  His breathing coming in short gasps through his open mouth.  Sweat beaded upon his forehead as he stared at the small form in the corner of the 10x8 room.

Via the light he could tell she was still chained up.  The metal cuffs on each of her wrists chained to the her ankles that were cuffed in a similar matter.  He brought his eyes downward and noticed the chain padlocked to the lead ring in the floor, just in front of her bare feet.

She stood slightly hunched over as if the weight of the iron mask that covered her face and part of her head was too much for her to hold up.

He saw her lift her head up and through the darkness he sensed her pale green eyes had become focused on his.

"Please you mustn't do this."  He whispered pleading with the giant beside who still had a hold of him by his neck.

The female in the darkness once again lowered her head and closed her eyes.  Her mind reaching out again, taking control of the mind of the creature before her.

The large man, cocked his head as the voice inside commanded him.  He took a step forward, slowly.  His breathing remaining deep and regular.  The young soldier being dragged along with him.

It took him just a few strides to reach her.  She raised her head, her eyes flashing on the blonde man in front of her.

Once more a vision flashed through his brain.

"NO!"  He screamed, struggling to get free from the steel grip on him.  "You can't release Jourdyn.  She'll kill us all."

The hulking beast shoved him into the floor at the woman's feet, ignoring his outburst.  His head slammed against the cement flooring, opening up another laceration.  He wiped the blood from his eyes with the arm of his uniform and stared at the ring imbedded in the floor in front of his knees.

"Please."  He whispered once more, daring to meet the cold stare of the woman standing over him.

Instead her eyes seemed to have a sadness in them, she tilted her head and made a quiet whimpering noise.  Shifting her hands ever so slightly, she made the chains jingle.  A reminder to him as to what she wanted.

He swallowed the lump in his throat, he had no choice.  With his hands shaking, he frantically unlocked the padlock.  Unhooking it from the ring, he tossed it aside.

Once more he wiped the blood from his eyes and looked up.  Jourdyn still had her head down, her eyes still focused on him.  She stood as still as her weakened body would allow.

Pealing his eyes away from her's, he carefully pulled the chain loose from her restraints.  In seconds she was free.

He thought she was just going to stand there.  Her head still lowered, her hands, though still handcuffed, rested in front of her.

With reflexes faster than he could catch, she looked up and twisted, landing a round house kick to his head.  Jason letting go a half second before.  The soldier was knocked backwards.  He flung the keys away and started back peddling as fast as he could towards the door.

Jourdyn collapsed to her knees.  Reaching behind her head with her hands, she fumbled for the clasp on her mask. Her fingers found it finally and with one swift movement the mask was unlocked. 
Grabbing it from on top of her head, she stood up as she pulled the mask free from her face.  The mask fell from her hands with a loud clang as it crashed to the floor.

Her face finally free, she focused her attention on the fast retreating soldier.  She took a step forward, then without warning she lept in the air, landing on bended knee above the frightened man.

He raised his arms to his face in a helpless reaction to save himself.  The attack didn't come.  He lowered one hand and opened his eyes.

That sadness filled her eyes once more.  For a brief minute he thought she was going to spare him.  But instead she brought her hands up and curled her fingers in his curly blonde hair.  With a clean, quick jerk, she snapped his neck with a sickening sound.

He made a strangled cry as his body began to die.  Without further hesitation, she lowered her mouth to his neck, ripping at the skin with her sharp teeth.

The blood from the torn artery gushed into her mouth as she devoured the coppery taste.
Finished, she raised her face to the ceiling, savoring the warmth of the blood as it filled her own starving body.

A steady, heaving breathing behind her brought her back to the present.  She let go of the dead man's head letting it thump hollowly against the floor.  She pushed herself up to her feet as she turned around to face the monster behind her.

As the light laid upon his mask, something flashed through her mind.  She furrowed her brow at the vision of a long ago killing.  Recognition rose up into her eyes.  She knew who he was but yet she didn't.

Jason cocked his head as the same vision filled his own mind.  The small woman before him started towards him.  Her bloody teeth bared at him as she came closer.  He wanted to attack but something was holding him back, almost curiosity like.

She reached him swiftly, raising her handcuffed hands, she grabed him from behind the neck and attempted to pull him down to her, her teeth bared once more to accept the life fluid that is sure to come.

Jason slamed his right fist into the side of her head, jarring her enough to force her a step back.  He reached out and shovesd her backwards causing her to crash to the ground.

She hissed at him, raising up on her left knee, she snaped her head around to look at him over her shoulder.  With one swift move she brought her right leg around in an arc, connecting it hard with the back of his own left leg.  Continuing moving her leg forward, she swept his out from under him causing him to come crashing to the floor with a grunt.

She leaped to her feet and ran over to the body of the soldier a few feet away.  Skillfully she reached for his holstered weapon, drew it, raising it upward.

She aimed and let loose a string of bullets.  The shots landed squarely in the chest of the already rising giant in front of her.  The bullets force him back down to the ground but once more he recoverd swiftly.  The bullets having no effect on him.

In rage she screamed out at him and through the now empty weapon in his direction.

Jason easily ducked the flying gun and started after her slowly.  She scrambled to her feet and took off at a dead run for the open door.  Her bare feet making no sounds on the hard floors.

She slid out the door and crashed into the soldier's empty chair, sending herself sprawling across the corridor, colliding with the wall.  She glanced back.  Jason was now at the doorway.

Staring at the unhinged door leaning cockeyed against it's frame, she willed her mind to work it's magic.  With out warning the door slammed shut on the masked face of Jason, trapping him briefly inside.


She stopped in mid flight through the corridors.  Her shoulders rising up and down with her fast breathing.  Her head tilted down, she opened up her senses and sent her mind out.

Listening.  Searching for any signs of life.  Her instincts were fully alive now.

She knew on a lower level there was a lab full of people but right now she wasn't set on killing just yet.  Only if she had too.

Her mind flashed back suddenly to the giant man who had rescued her.  She felt a connection to him, something about him that she knew, something similar to her.  But she didn't know what.

Her eyes turned cold, hatred flaring up once more at the vision of the hulking form that had rescued her. 

Something had told her not to attack him, that she needed him but when he slapped her down she snapped.  Then there was the vision of the killing.  She could see more now but still not much.  She knew he was the killer.  His victim was still unknown.

Despite the fact that he had rescued her, she wanted to hate him even more but didn't know why.

Footsteps from in front of her brought her attention back to the present. 

She slowly raised her head as the soldier rounded the corner and collided with her, hard, knocking her down.

He stumbled backwards several steps, raising his gun in the process.

"Jourdyn"  He gasped out.

She cocked her head slightly, peering back at him with a sad look in her eyes.  The soldier stared at her for a few seconds, confused by her expression.

She glanced up at his uniform, reading his name tag.  Silently she spoke to him.

*Hey*  The soldier lowered his gun carefully, not understanding where the voice had come from.  It was almost as if she was inside his head.

She swiftly swept his legs out from under him, sending him crashing to the floor.  Without hesitation, she leaped on top of him.  He grabbed her by the throat and tried to shove her off but her strength was too great.

She reached up curling her small hands around his wrists and viciously she snapped his arm.  The soldier let out a yelp and let go of her, holding his broken arm to his chest as he now tried to move out from under her.  With one swift lurch upwards, he was able to throw her off balance, knocking her into the wall.

His feet slipping on the floor, he desperatly forced himself into a standing position and took off running.  But she was too fast for him.

She grabbed his head, sinking her teeth into his throat and ripped it out, nearly severing his head in the processes.

The soldier tried to scream, but his body was already dead.  With blood running down her chin, she grasped his head in her hands and viciously twisted them.

His head came clean off.  This she tossed aside as the soldiers body slumped to the floor with a thud.

Jourdyn ran a sleeve across her mouth, wiping away the blood as she knelt down next to the crumpled body.

Her hands moving quickly, she worked them into his pockets, searching, until she found what she was looking for.  In triumph she raised the single handcuff key up, examining it in the lights overhead.

Quickly, she unlocked the cuffs that still bound her wrists together.

She tossed them aside, making them clank loudly as they slid down the floor.

Her senses once more coming alive, she looked back over her shoulder at the hulking form that slowly approached her.

Without hesitation, she grabbed the dead soldiers knife from his boot, flipped it over in her hand and launched it towards the approaching giant.
The knife struck him deeply in the chest. He staggered back a step with the force of the strike.
With out slowing his pace, he reached for the knife, yanked it out and flung it away.

Jourdyn screamed out at him in anger.  She stood up and leaped over the dead body.  She landed smoothly and took off at a dead run.

No sooner had she reached the corner, the alarms went off.  With sirens blaring and red strobes flashing she continued, not daring to look back.

An electronic voice sounded throughout the complex.  "Area has been breeched.  Le Prision Abandonada Vieja had gone into emergency lockdown.  All personnel report to their stations.  Repeat we have gone into emergency lock down."
After several turns, She slowed to a walk once more.  Finally stopping as her breath her came in quickly.

She raised her head and ran a steady hand through her dirty, matted blonde locks.  She was used to it being up and hated the fact that these scientists had destroyed her image.  Changed her environment into something she was uncomfortable with.

As if she became aware of it for the first time, she looked down at her clothing.  Spreading her arms wide she looked with distaste at the scrubs type of clothing.  Her feet were bare, arms covered in the long sleeves, hampering the free movement she was used too.

She needed real clothes, her clothes.

As if on queue, she stopped in front of a normal looking door.  She read the plaque overhead. 
"Storage"  Smiling to herself, she stepped back and landed a swift kick to the door just above the handle.  With the sound of splintering wood, the door opened a crack.

She pushed it open and entered the darkness within.  As if she had been there before, she went directly to the box labeled with her name.  Digging through it for a few minutes, she finally found what she was looking for.

Several minutes later, Jourdyn stepped back outside into the corridor.  She was now dressed in her own black leather pants, cropped tank top and boots and her hair now pulled up.   Her signature weapon, a folding Smith and Wesson knife clasped firmly in her hand.

She listened with her acute hearing searching for signs of life.

Voices brought her attention towards a set of double doors.  An elevator. 

She pressed the down button and stepped in as the doors opened obeyingly for her.

Soundlessly, the elevator made it's way downwards.  Seconds later, the doors opened to reveal a pure white huge room full of lab equipment.  Several people stood at the far end talking amongst themselves,  no one had begun to notice their visitor.



The lab tech glanced up from his microscope as the ear piercing noise of the alarms shattered the stillness of the underground lab.

His nervous assistant standing next to him, dropped the trey of samples as the voice spoke it's forewarning.

"What's that?"  Her eyes wide with shock she trembled with sudden fear.

"It's nothing probably just another false alarm again."  He shook is head in irritation and went back to his work.

"Why would they have such a system for one prisoner?"  She knelt down to pick up the shattered remains of the glass beakers she had dropped.

The tech sighed heavily and straightened up. 
"Don't you know?"

She shook her head without looking up at him, her eyes remaining on the floor.

He removed his glasses, rubbing the bridge of his nose trying to release the frustration that was starting to build once more over his young assistant.

"The prisoner we have here is..."  He paused searching for the right words.  "Special I guess I would say...of some sorts.  Something very well sought after but also feared."

"Who is he?"

"She, Amy, she."  He corrected her softly.

"She, doctor?"

"You really don't know who she is do you. Or why you are here?"

Amy shook her head and stood up.  "all the told me was I would be assisting a doctor in some experiments in a high security lab.  I figured it was chemical warfare or something."

"You are correct in the warfare part but it's not chemical.  It's a different type of weapon, a human sort of weapon."  He motioned for her to
sit down as his eyes scanned the room around him, making sure the other dozen or so tech's were continuing with their work.  "Have you ever seen the old movie Robocop?"

"Isn't that the one about the cop who gets turned into a robot?"

"Sort of.  About 2 years ago there was a special FBI agent who was working on a murder case near here.  The Crystal Lake murders?"

"Jason Voorhees?"

"Yes but he was the killer in this case.  The agent was a high skilled and intelligent young woman by the name of Jordan Lemke."  He pulled open a
drawer below the table he was working on and pulled out a manila folder overloaded with papers and photos.

Flipping through the folder, he final found a photo of what he was looking for.  The picture was of an obvious murder scene.  A gruesome one at that.

Amy swallowed back the lump that had formed in her throat as she handed back the photo.

"This was the result of Agent Lemke's first meeting with Voorhees."  He placed the photo back in the file.  "Sadly it would be her last."

"What happened?"  Curious now, Amy moved closer to her boss.

"Lemke had trailed Jason for years.  She knew everything there was to know about him, about his life before murders and his life afterwards.  They had set up a trap to try and capture him.  the only thing was though was that he got the jump on him.  He attacked swiftly before she could even react, he had her throat slashed so deeply her head was nearly severed.  The FBI thought they had lost another agent to the notorious serial killer."

He paused making sure once more that no one was listening in.  Before he continued again.

"The military took over from there.  They took the body of the Lemke and brought her here to this facility.  Months of hard work and experiments
later they had what they were wanting.  A new weapon.  Something that could not be destroyed but yet was the most dangerous weapon out there and the most easily hidden."

"What?"  Amy became irritated herself, wanting him to get to his point.

"Jourdyn."  He pulled out another photo, this one of a normal looking female dressed in pants and a tank top.  Her pale green  eyes seemed to look right through the paper and bore themselves into the looker.

Amy shivered and handed it back.  "What's so special about her?"

"Only this.  She is Jordan Lemke, reborn.  Her body, heart, lungs, brain, most of her organs are human.  Cept she's not.  She has a computer chip inside of her.  A chip that allows her to feel most painful things, that allows her to react to any situation with what ever skill or intelligence needed.  She is a living and breathing machine, a human that can not be killed.  Cept for one thing."


"No one knows, the programmers made it so she was the only one who would know how to end her own life.  That way no one else could kill her."

"So what does she have to do with the prisoner?"

He sighed once more.  "The prisoner is Jourdyn.  Jourdyn is Lemke."

She furrowed her brow still not quite understanding.  But he answered her question before she could ask.

"Something went wrong.  She went crazy, berserk, malfunctioned.  She killed, no slaughtered everyone that had anything to do with her making and many others.  More viciously than anyone I know.  She would sneak up on them,
disable them, stab them in the ribs or somewhere else and rip their throats out with her teeth.  Then to cover it all up she would burn them. But she
doesn't understand who or what she is, only that she has to kill.  She's developed a taste for human blood.  She needs the blood almost like we need
water to drink.  They made her that way so she would kill more easily.  But they weren't expecting this.  She killed over 100 people in less then a year before they were able to overcome her and bring her here where she has been chained up for weeks.  The lack of her 'food' has weakened her so much that even her strength cant break her loose."

"What would happen if she did escape?"

"She'd continue killing."

She pondered this for a minute, then another question came to mind.  "Would she ever stop herself?"

"Doubt it.  She is only programmed to kill. But..."  He paused as he remembered something someone had told him.  "The one thing that she hated more was the fact of what she was.  Her first dozen or so kills were those who had turned her into what she was."


"It's possible she could start to remember things and want to end it all."

"So basically she could grow a conscience, hate herself for what she had done and then kill herself in the secret way that she only knows.?"

"Sorta.  The guy who told me all this, knew her original programmer.  He had told him that not all of her memory had been able to be erased and that it was more than likely that she would start to remember who and what she had once been."

"That Lemke could eventually come through to her?"

"Yes like that.  She'd start to realize that she wasn't like other's and would want to change and since she can't go back..."

"Death is the only option."

He nodded his head sadly. "Yes it is.  But..."  He reached forward and patted her gently on the shoulder.  "You don't have to worry about all that
cause she's locked up safe and sound a couple floors above us.  Nothing can get her out."



She stood there silently, unmoving, listening to the conversation from across the room.

She let out the air that she had subconsciously been holding.

The lab techs had gone back to their work now.

Understanding fully, she knew everything about her now.  Squinting her eyes, she glared in anger at the chemist.  Her mind could only focus on him despite the fact that there were 11 other people in the room.

"Hey what the hell are you doing in here?"
Movement from beside her, brought her attention back to where she was.

A young woman approached her cautiously, her hands raised in a calming gesture.

Jourdyn watched her curiously as she approached her ever so slowly now.

"Easy now,  I'm not going to hurt you."  Amy reached out carefully to her.

Just as swiftly before, Jourdyn grabbed her outstretched hand, pulling her forcibly against her.  In one smooth move, Jourdyn slammed  the woman's head into a table full of glass beakers, forcing the shattered remains to pierce
through the delicate skin of her neck.  She let go and watched as the lab tech's blood shot forth from her torn arteries.

Turning around, she headed towards her most important victim.  The chemist, who was now alert over the previous incident.

On her way, she passed by another tech who was too busy observing test tubes, earphones clamped on his head were turned up full blast, drowning out any other sounds.

Never slowing her pace, she wrapped one arm around his neck as she passed by and drew her knife across his throat.  he let out a gurgled half scream half moan as the skin around the slice split open spewing forth his blood.

She never looked back as she let the man's lifeless body collapse to the floor.

As silently and unnoticed as before, the elevator doors slid open.  Jason's hulking shape seemed to fill the small enclosed space.

Jourdyn glanced up on alert.  She looked around the room frantically, looking for a way out, a way to escape once more from her hated enemy.

Jason's green eyes followed her every movement.  His own feet slowly making their way towards her, knocking anything out of the way that stood between him and his wanted victim.

He cocked his head at a nearby table, listening.  A whimpering sound came from beside it.  Peering around, he noticed a young woman huddled behind the table next to the wall.  Tears were steaming down her cheeks.

"Please." She whispered, her voice cracking.

Jason cocked his head the other direction.  With both hands on the edge of the table, he shoved it backwards, crushing the woman's head between it and the concrete wall behind.  The sickening sound drowning out ny sounds she might have made.

The tech stood with his back to the room at a long table, oblivious to what was going on behind him.  His hands moved swiftly from several petri dishes
he was labeling to a microscope where he was counting bacteria colonies. 

Between each stop, he paused long enough to pick up a piece of his chinese lunch.  All the while singing along with the music that poured from his

Using the chopsticks provided, Jason shoved them straight through the man's throat.  he was dead before he even knew what had happened.

The chemist watched with horrified eyes, Jourdyn slowly approached him and the imposing presence of the man who was stalking his way after her.

Sweat beaded up upon his brow as he shifted his gaze from his fast diminishing techs to the woman now standing in front of him.

"What do you want?"  His lips trembled with fear.

Jourdyn stepped closer to him, raising a pair of scissors she had found.

The chemist's eyes stared at the unintended weapon, trying to figure out what she was going to do with them.

She reached forward, grabbing him by the throat and shoved him back against the wall, knocking the air from him.  Keeping her left hand clamped to his throat, she begun to drag the blade of the open scissors down his face with her other hand.

"why?"  She leaned in closer to him, her lips almost touching his now sweaty skin, her voice barely a whisper.

" wasn't my wasn't my fault."  He watched in horror as she brought the scissors down teasingly to his mouth.

With one quick snip, she cut off his lower lip.  He tried to cry out but she pressed hard against his throat, forcing the air out of him once more.

Bringing the scissors up, she pointed the tip straight at his eyes.

"I had to I swear."

"Not good enough."  Her voice remained calm and quiet.

Disgusted with the man, she shoved the blade through his eye, shifting it upwards and piercing his brain.

With distaste, she let go of him and watched as his body convulsed on the floor at her feet.

In a rage, she yanked the scissors out of her latest victim and threw them overhand into the back of the neck of another tech who was trying to escape.

The anger roared through her body, sending her into a mad fury.  Grabbing anything with in reach, she threw everything she could at the imposing
figure who was slowly stalking towards her.  Not caring who or what else was hit.

She screamed angrily out as she swept dozens of glass cylinders off a table and onto the floor.

Her mind finally taking control of her emotions once more, she stood amongst the shattered remains, breathing heavily, her hand clenching and unclenching.

With her head lowered, she kept her eyes peeled on the enemy across the room who was approaching slowly.

For several moments, the two killers stared at each other, willing the other to make the first move.  The remaining few techs watched the deadly show down, not knowing what was going to happen next but knowing it was going to
be for the worse.

Jourdyn watched Jason's eyes carefully.  When they shifted slightly, she reacted swiftly, whirling around and burying the blade of her knife deep
within the chest of the man who had tried to sneak up behind her.

In the same movement, she yanked the blade upwards, then pulled it out slowly, her eyes never leaving Jason's, his breathing becoming deeper and louder at his irritation with her.

With a small nod of her head, she turned on heel and sprinted towards the elevator doors.  Jason turned as well to cut off her escape.

Reaching upon a table as she wissed by, she grasped at a heavy wrench someone had left carelessly laying around.

In a dead run now, she sprinted closer to the doors, still realizing that Jason was still behind her.

Never slowing her speed, she grabbed a hold of the edge of a barrel, the force of her weight and momentum pulled it down behind her spilling out it's contents.

Three techs screamed in pain as the sulfuric acid poured over their feet and legs, forcing them to the ground.  Within seconds nothing was left except for a couple of wedding bands.

Once at the doors, Jourdyn slowed her pace dramatically, coming to a stop beside the closed doors. She mashed her thumb on the up button and signaled for the elevator.  Never once looking behind her at the dominating figure she knew was there.

She moved to take a step into the open elevator but a large arm reached from behind, wrapping itself tightly around her torso and keeping her from moving.

*Jason*  Angered even more, she shoved backwards slamming him against a table.  The blow wasn't much but it was enough to cause Jason to loosen his grip slightly.  he tried to readjust and managed to pick her up off her
feet, bringing her body closer against his.

Suddenly, flashes of memories flooded his mind.  Not his but her's.  The original murder, the painful operations to make her what she was and then
the numerous experiments afterwards.  The force of the visions were like an excruciating flash of light that seemed to explode in his brain.

He stepped back slightly.

Jourdyn reared her head backwards, connecting hard with the masked face of the man who still held her from behind.  he dropped his arm and she was able to shove off away from him.

He reached for her but she was too fast and easily stepped out of his reach, causing his intended head shot to instead strike her in the hand.

The clatter of the wrench resounded off the walls of the large room.  The remaining techs, paused from their desperate attempt to escape to stare at
the two intruders.  Time seemed to stand still.

The two murders both stared at the dropped wrench almost in disbelief.

Jourdyn bent down to retrieve it, smiling she looked back up at the the man who towered over her.

"Opps."  She leaped away from his grasp easily once more.

Spinning around, she stuck her tongue out mockingly at him.

The playful gesture angered Jason even more and he moved forward, reaching for her but she was already inside the elevators.

With one last look back at the two techs huddled at the far end of the room and the giant in front of her, Jourdyn raised the wrench in her right hand
and brought it downwards, slamming it into the top of a gas cylinder  as the doors slid shut seconds before the explosion rocked through the lab.

Fire alarms went off and the over head sprinklers burst open, drenching what little flames there were.

Several minutes later, the system shut down.

As the smoke cleared, one solitary figure rose up from the rubble.  The light from the flashing strobe of the fire alarm glinted off the machete he held in his hand.


"Grunts,  we have a fugitive at large." The tall, lanky man with balding white hair and a mustache made his way between the lines of tables to the
front of the break-out room.

He stared at the map on the wall in front of him, his hands clasped behind his back.  Turning around, he gazed over the six members of the Elites.  A team of well trained officers, four men and two women, who are called in by local authorities for hostile situations, namely dealing with criminals.

"The place is the Le Prision Abandonada Vieja.  The old prison just outside of Crystal Lake. Inside there are two very dangerous hostiles."  He paused to make sure he had everyone's undivided attention.

"Who we dealing with Sarg?"  The man in back named McSweeney placed his feet upon the table in front of him and leaned back in his chair.

"Jason Voorhees and Jordan Lemke."

"You gotta be shittin' me."  A smallish but built black woman spoke up.  "Lemke and Voorhees?  How'd they plan that?"

"Yes Taylor, we got both of them."

The group started to murmur amongst themselves, bringing the noise volume dramatically up.

"Settle down grunts!"  Everyone turned towards the quiet veteran in the back.

"Thank you Francisco."  Sergeant Howell cleared his throat. "From what I can gather from reports, and there aren't many, Lemke was being held there and some how called Voorhees to her."

"Isn't Lemke that cop chic who went crazy a year or so ago?"Sgt Howell turned towards the young man.  "Yes, Scott, that is her, except she's not the cop we all knew or heard about."

Another female raised her hand.

The Sergeant nodded towards her.  "Moore?"

"What do you mean Sir?"

"She's different, changed, more hostile then you can ever imagine. They both are.  And up until now they have been unstoppable."

"So basically they want us to go in there, kill two people who no one has ever been able to kill before and kill them?"  McSweeney's sarcasm was almost as thick as his Bostonian accent.


"Fuck that.  I say we blow the place."  The sixth man, Rosenbomb, shook his head with disbelief.

"Unfortunately, we can't do that."  Howell raised a hand to his temple and tried to rub away the frustration that was slowly building up.  "There are, possibly, hostages in there."

"I think you mean were."  The group turned around, staring at the short little man who had just stepped foot inside the room.

"Everyone, this is Ray, he's _supposed_ to be an expert in this situation." 

Muffled chuckles could be heard throughout the room.

"We have had a few reports from the computer system at the facility.  So far...."

"Wait, wait, wait, you mean to tell me a _computer_ is running the place?"  McSweeney rudely interrupted the little man.

"Yes a computer."  He took off his horn rimmed glasses and began to frantically,nervously rub at them with the tail end of his shirt.  "Because
of the type of things that go on there, they incorporated a very high tech computer system to run it."

"For...?"  Francisco himself was starting to get irritated.

"In case something went wrong."

"Come on little dude get to the point."  Scott sat back heavily in his chair, folding his arms across his chest with a deep sigh.

"The computer system shut the place down.  It went into complete lockdown."  Ray nervously replaced his glasses.  "There were at least 12-15 people inside when it did."

he quickly raised his hand, silencing the comment that was about to come out of McSweeney's mouth.  McSweeny shut his with a loud clomp of his teeth.

"Voorhees got to approximately 8 people before he reached Jourdyn's cell.  Reports from witnesses leaving the facility at the first alarm, 4-5 more where killed as well.  By whom is unknown at this time.  But we do know at least one of them a young guard named Earnhart, was her kill."

"how do you know it was her?"  McSweeney moved closer to the little man, trying to intimidate him.

"His throat was ripped out."  Reflexivley, he took a step back.  "That's her MO."

"So what about these other dozen or so people.  How come they didn't get out?"  Ray turned towards Taylor.

"They were in the lab, on the lower levels.  They more than likely didn't hear the first alarm to evacuate."

"So they are still in there or maybe not?" He nodded his head in answer to her.

"Yes but..."  He swallowed hard.  "We have had reports of...some sort of explosion down there.  No signs of life have been reported."

"you can tell who is alive and who isn't?"  McSweeney straightened up in his chair, leaning closer to the nervous man.

"Uh... each...uh employee wore a badge that the computer could detect.  So far all 12 are still in the lab and haven't moved for over an hour."  he
moved away from the muscular man.

"So how do we know that Voorhees and Lemke weren't in the lab as well?"  This time it was Francisco's turn to ask.

"We don't.  For sure.  But we believe they got out.  They are too smart to have been caught in there.  More likely the explosion was caused _by_ them."

"What can you tell us about these two?  Are they working together?"  Howell stood up and moved closer to the board again, making a mental note of where the lab was.

"I seriously doubt they are working together.  They are loners, hating basically any human being.  The one thing Jourdyn hates more than anything
is the fact of what she is.  Jason is the main cause of her becoming that person."

"You mean to tell me these two have met before?"  The sergeant turned around.

"A few years ago yes.  But the outcome wasn't good.  Now the two have 100's of murders between them."

"How do we kill these fuckers?"  Scott slammed his hand into his fist. 

"just show me where they are and I'll do it."

"We don't know."  a heavy sigh worked it's way around the room, amongst a few curses. "Jourdyn would be the hardest, only she knows how to kill
herself and I doubt she would do it.  Jason on the other hand, we figure you could capture him alive, bring him in and we can figure out what to do from there."

"Alright people we know what to do"  Howell turned back towards the map.  "I want all to team up and meet at the entrance. We go in locked and loaded.  Heavily.  Shoot anything that doesn't identify itself first."

He turned around and scanned over his team. 
"No heroes today.  I want everyone back in one piece ok? Now lets go get some criminal bad ass."

A loud whoop rose up from the team as they all stood, gathered their gear and headed for the door.



She crouched down in her hiding space, watching the newest inhabitants make their way slowly through the open corridors, leading past the old jail cells, searching.

She had been quietly following them, curious as to who they were.  Upon noticing all the weapons and protection gear, she finally knew.

They were here for her.

She counted six total, four men and two women.  All wore helmets, face shields and were heavily armed with high-power automatic rifles.  From the
look of them she guessed MP5's.  Strapped to their thighs, she also noticed .45 caliber pistols, more than likely 1911 styles.  The choice of most
tactical officers.

She smiled to her self, it was still nothing that she couldn't handle.  The smile slowly faded from her lips though as she remembered something the
chemist had said.  Something about her being the only one.  Her mind started to think deeper.  She couldn't remember how but she knew that somewhere inside of her she knew how to end all of her misery.

A flash of something bright caught her attention and she carefully looked back over her shoulder.

The knife came slicing down, resounding loudly off the metal railing she was crouched behind.

She tucked herself and rolled quickly out of the way and leaped to her feet. Her hands raised, ready to fight.

Jason slowly turned around to face her.  Just as he did, she landed a frontal kick hard into his face.  He took a step backwards and grabbed for
her.  She struck out with a right hook, landing it squarely into his chest. 

She followed with a roundhouse kick to the ribs.  It wasn't enough to knock him down, but it was enough to distract him, giving her time to escape.

She leaped over the railing, falling the 20 feet or so down to the concrete below.  Landing on the top corner of a table, her body weight shattered it
and toppled her to the hard concrete floor, she rolled easily with the momentum and landed on bended knee.

Glancing back up over her shoulder, she stared at Jason long and hard.  The large being above her, cocked his head and turned around, heading slowly for the stairs at the other end.

Before he was there, she was on her feet and at a dead sprint for the opposite end of the row of jail cells.  Her mind flashing through a map she
had seen of the place, to a warehouse storage room she figured would be the best place to hide.

For now.

Her feet pounded the hard floor beneath, her boots made a loud sound that seemed to resound throughout the complex, but she didn't care about the intruders hearing it.  At the moment her main concern was the mammoth form making his way towards her.

She rounded a corner at dead speed, sliding to stop, her speed forcing her into the wall at the dead end.  She slammed into it with a grunt, regained her balance and pushed herself away from it and took off at break neck speed
back around the corner.  Only to slam head on into the enormous body of her hunter.

The force knocked her to the ground and caused him to take a step backwards.

She sat on the ground leaning on her hands, looking into the dark, masked face of her enemy.  With a quick jerk of her legs, she leaped upwards on to her feet.

Blading herself out, she raised her hands, her fingers lightly curled but her hands still open, ready and waiting for the fight that was to come.

As he stepped forward, towards her,  she swung out with a right hook, connecting hard with his jaw.  The muffled thump of her fist resounded off
the empty corridor as he took a step backwards but gave no more hint that it had effected him more.

She swung out again, her small right fist thudding off his mask as he took another step backwards.

Frustrated, she swung hard trying to knock him down but all her right hook succeeded in doing was force him back another step.

She switched her stance and took a swing at him with her left hand.  Still no reaching from her opponent.

Angered, she gave him a quick right hook then another solid right hook.

Hesitating slight she glanced behind him and noticed the other corridor several feet away.  An idea popped up in her mind.

With a sly smile, she landed a quick right/left combo forcing him back another step.  She continued with her onslaught of punches, alternating every once in awhile.  All the while slowly forcing him back.

After several one two combos, she started to do quick right left jabs to his stomach trying to get some sort of reaction out of him.

He stood still.  Mockingly watching her tiring and start to stumble as she moved forward to land her strikes.

She tried another jab to the stomach, stumbled and fell to her knees.  Her breath becoming heavy.  Her arms and hands starting to tire and hurt.  But yet she continued her jabs to his torso, forcing him backwards til he was nearer the hallway.

She stepped forward to land another jab but instead tripped over his larger feet throwing herself to the ground.

Struggling back up, she rested for a brief second, resting her hands on her knees and trying to catch her breath.

With a strangled cry she lashed out again striking him as fast as she could with left and right jabs to his chest, alternating with a few to his head.

Struggling even more, her arms starting to get heavy she tried to throw a right hook.  Her hand glanced off his chin.

Jason stood almost amazingly, watching her weak effort at trying to attack him.  She knew she could give up and split for her way was clear and she was no longer cornered but her fighters mind kept her tired and exhausted body still fighting.  Her hands and arms seemed to become separate from her body as she continued to throw punches.  All of which weakly reached their mark.

He just stood watching, waiting.  No longer being pushed backwards by her punches.

Weakened to the point of collapsing, she desperately almost panicky threw a right hook.  her hand flew past his face by inches the force of her throw nearly causing her to stumble to the ground.

She tried again, the weight of her exhausted arm weighing her down and she once again missed her mark.

She staggered a step closer to him.  Dangling her arms at her side, she stood up straight and faced her enemy.  Expecting what she knew would come.

Her end.

"Take your best shot, asshole."  She glared as hard as she could, trying to make her self appear more ready, tougher than she felt her weak body was at that moment.

They stared at each other willing the other to make a move.  As if in slow motion, he hauled his right arm back, violently bringing it forward,
crashing into her skull.

Her head seemed to explode inside as her body was flung against the opposite wall of the perpendicular corridor.

With a sickening crunch her body slammed into the concrete and slid to the cold ground below.

Jason turned toward her crumpled form, raising his left boot he placed it on top of her head.


The shout behind him made him whirl around as bullets from a high powered automatic rifle pounded into his massive chest.

Distracted, he never saw his intended next victim crawl to her feet and take off running in the opposite direction.


Through his night vision goggles, the muzzle flash seemed to blind him for a
brief moment.

The smoke in the corridor cleared and he was able to see more clearly.  But
he wished he hadn't been able too.

The hulking human form was just a few feet in front of him.  The gun blasts
had distracted him from his intended victim and instead, turned his
attention on the soldier.

"Oh...shit."  McSweeny lowered his gun.

Whirling on his heels he turned and collided with Scott who was standing
just behind him.

"My God man...move!"  Startled by his shouting, Scott sprinted towards the

"Move, move, move!"  McSweeny's shout filled the corridor, making the team,
ahead, start running themselves.

After several turns, they slowed to a walk, McSweeny glanced behind him, the
goggles still clamped to his face.  The corridor was clear.

"I thought you said this guy liked to tear after people?"  He came abreast
of the little man who was leading the team.

Heavily breathing, Ray could only nodded his head.

"Well...looks to me like he's changed his ways."  Scott shoved past them and
took the lead.

"May...maybe...he thought the other was more...important."  Ray struggled to
get the words out, his breath coming in gasps.

Scott rolled his eyes, shaking his head as he passed by the others.

"Hold up a second, Scott."  Howell came to a stop, leaning against the wall,
he began to rub his temples as if the effort to think was too much for him. 

"OK y'all aren't gonna like this."
He paused to make sure he had everyone's attention again.  "I think for the
time being while they are distracted with each other, we should investigate
the lab."

"Ah come on Sarg."  Scott started to whine but a quick jab in the ribs by
Francisco silenced him quickly.

"We gotta search for casualties.  Those are the rules, if anyone is alive
down there I want them to be brought out, rather than give these freaks
another shot at them."  Howell straightened up and walked over to Ray who
was finally getting his breath back.  "Besides maybe they'll take care of
themselves for us."

He reached out and placed a hand on the smaller man's shoulder and lead the
way through the grumbling pack of soldiers as he began to lead them towards
the stairs.

Several minutes later, the team approached the outer door to the destroyed

Motioning behind him, Sgt.  Howell requested
McSweeney to move forward.

"Open it"

McSweeney nodded, placing an ungloved hand against the metal first.  Feeling
now heat, he took out a small explosive devise and slapped it along the seem
next to the door lock.  He hooked up the small wires to a battery operated
remote, he took several steps backward and crouched down with his back to
the door.

"Fire in the hole!"  With a loud bang and a short blast, the lock on the
door crumpled to the floor in pieces.

Moving forward at a crouch, Scott right behind him, McSweeney grasped the
leading edge of the door.  Meeting the other soldiers eyes, he yanked it
open and quickly moved to the left as Scott moved in to the right.

The lab was completely dark and smelled of burnt chemicals and plastic among
other smells they cared not to think about.
Rifles raised, the two soldiers quickly made a sweep of the darkened,
blackened room.  Skirting around the burned tables, they made their way

Rosenbomb quickly stepped inside as soon as the other two had moved quietly
away from the door.  he crouched down his night vision goggles attached to
his helmet, his eyes scanning the darkest points of the lab for any sign of

"All clear" A few short minutes later, Scott hollered at the remaining team.

"Moore"  The Sergeant scanned the darkness before him with his small
Scorpion flashlight.  "See if you can try and find some working lights."

Despite the fact of the size of explosion the area took, the majority of the
large lab seemed recognizable.  The whole area was charred black by the
flames, the smaller less tolerant to heat items were melted in various
unrecognizable shapes.  The sprinkler system had long since shut it's self
off soon after the heat in the room had dropped back down to normal.

From the far end of the room were an electronics closet stood, a shower of
sparks illuminated the female soldier as she quickly inspected and worked on
the lighting system.  The closet had a fire door that had been shut, saving
most of the electronics.  Seconds later several bulbs that were still intact
over head exploded as a few others flickered and tried desperately to remain

Through the water and flicker lights, the horror of the room took shape.

There were two crumpled blackened mounds near the elevator.  Unrecognizable
as human but yet still known that they were.

The team moved around slowly, carefully stepping over the shattered
equipment and crumpled bodies of the lab techs. 
Most were burned black,
their clothes still somewhat clinging to their badly burned bodies.

Taylor knelt down next to a smaller body.  One she guessed to be female but
couldn't tell for sure.  Pulling on latex gloves, she gently turned the body

"That's odd."  She furrowed her brow as she examined the body closer.

Francisco moved towards here.  "You find something?"

"This one seemed to have been dead before the blast."

" can you... tell that."  Ray moved further into the room, a
handkerchief clamped over his nose and mouth.

"She looks almost peaceful.  Someone who would have died in a blast would
have been screaming or struggling."
They looked down into the face of the person.  Their long dead eyes closed as
well as the mouth.  Hands were relaxed along the sides.

Francisco stood up glancing over at his commanding officer.  With the
meeting of their eyes they knew what had happened.  One of the two or maybe
both of the killers had attacked before the explosion.

"What's the damage?"  Howell slung his rifle over his shoulder and leaned
against a relatively in tact table.

From around the room voices chirped out.  The total tally was 8.

"How many were in here?"  He turned towards
Ray who was trying hard to
swallow his lunch that was threatening to show itself again.

"11"  He gulped behind the rag.  "Was the norm."

"So we got 3 missing."

"Maybe not Sarg."  Scott was kneeling down near the elevator doors.

He gathered up a few charred items on the floor and walked over to where
Howell and the others were starting to gather.  In his open palm laid a
watch, bracelet and 3 rings.

"What the fuck?"   McSweeney turned towards Ray.  "what would do that?"

"Sulfuric Acid, they kept it down here."  He started to back peddle rapidly
his stomach no longer able to take the stench any longer.

Howell took off his helmet and ran his hand through his sweat soaked hair. 

"Alright least now we know we don't have a hostage situation.  Any ideas
where they would go?"

Ray shook his head but paused.  "There's a warehouse at the other end of the
complex.  Large open space, lots of hiding places and..."  he paused look at
the curious grunts in front of him.  "Windows."



She slowly rocked back on her heels, crouching down amongst the shadows of the large room.  Her head was tilted upwards, her green eyes gazing steadily at the break in the room's cement block walls.

A window.  It's glass frosted, with dust and paint, to keep curious eyes from looking in.  It's panes welded securely in it's frame to keep those
wanting out, in.

She cocked her head slightly to the side, pondering her choices.  She knew without having to check that the glass was unbreakable and bullet proof.  It seemed a less likely escape route but she knew that it was her only shot.

Voices from afar caught her attention.  Turning to look back over her shoulder, she stared steadily at the door which she herself had just come

The voices were in whispers, in hopes of keeping others from hearing.  But her keen sense of hearing made them clear to her ears.

She twisted around slightly in her hiding place, resting one knee on the ground.  Her hand gripped around the handle of her weapon of choice.  A flip blade 7" serrated knife.

Sensing the soldiers approaching closer, she slunk back further into the shadows, her eyes adjusting accordingly to the point where she could still see clear as if in daylight.

Silently, she waited and watched, as one by one the team of Elites made their way into the large warehouse.  Weapons at the ready, walking in a
slight crouched position, feet shuffling silently as they searched every crook and cranny as they entered the wide expanse of space.

The lead officer silently stepped around a crate of boxes, motioning for the others to stop.  Silently and swiftly, she moved slightly to the side ever widening her semi circle but yet keeping behind the crate, forming a quick
pie maneuver to check for any hiding suspects.

Once clear, she stepped back up against the crates, silently signaling to the closest soldier.  McSweeney stepped behind her, a little to hard, as his body thumped against the crates.  Taylor glared at him, shaking her head at the anxious antics of her fellow team mate.

"On me."  She whispered, stepping swiftly from behind the crates making his way across the great expanse of the warehouse.

From the shadows, the other woman tilted her head, listening with her acute hearing to their movements.  With her senses she had no need to watch, for she already knew where they were.

Swiftly, silently but seeming in slow motion she reached behind grabbed the lead pipe that was laying on a shelf, launching it over hand in one smooth motion as if it were a spear.

The pipe, with the strength of the throw behind it, sliced through the air, piercing the first soldier in the side just under her right arm, shoving it's mass straight through her torso exploding her heart.

She was dead before she hit the ground.
McSweeney jumped back surprised.  The pipe had missed him by mere inches, so close he didn't even know who the killer was aiming at.

He whirled around and fired off several rounds in the direction the pipe had come from.  The bullets shattered through boxes and storage items but never found it's human mark, for it was already in another hiding place.  Choosing her next victim.

The battle was on.



The hulking giant watched the battle commence from the shadows.  behind the dirty white mask, his one good eye followed the small, stealthy form of the woman as she slinked away from her original hiding spot to a better.  He cocked his head to the left watching her movements

She still had yet to notice he was there, watching, waiting.  Her attention distracted by the fun of attracting and confusing the soldiers.

It was now his turn to act.


She stood behind the wall of shelving units her next intended victim crept by.  Silently she moved from the shadows to within inches of the man in
front of her.  She paused pondering if she should _play_ with her victim first or just get it over with and move to the next.

Smiling she opted for the latter.  With movements so fast the naked eye would have been hard to catch, she reached forward, grabbing the taller man around the neck.  The force of her hands clasping around the man's thick neck, caused the bones inside to crunch together.  With inhuman force, she squeezed, forcing her hands closer together.

A sickening crack and the soldier went limp thudding to the floor.  As an extra measure, she took out her serrated knife, slowly she pulled the blade open, then sliced through the body's skin at the neck.  Cutting from ear to ear clean through the trachea, nearly severing the head completely off from the body.

She watched curiously as the man's eyes grew wide with the realization that he was dying and could do nothing, not even scream.

Moore let out a yell as she watched Scott's body crumple to the ground.  She took a half running step towards the murderer intending to strike out as best she could.  Her anger at witnessing her friend being slaughter rushing up through her body making her body heat rise.  The quick flush of blood to her cheeks was clear.

The gloved hand grabbed her around the neck in pre flight.  It twisted viciously snapping her neck with great force, that her body twirled around
in mid air like it was doing pirouettes on a stage during a ballet.

Moore's body slammed into the ground, rolling a few times before it came to a rest up against the wall.

Jason moved from the shadows.  Stepping over the deceased his eye focused on the female in front of him.

Jourdyn watched him.  Her eyes squinted in anger, her breathing turing heavy.  She was angered.  These were her kills, she wanted them, not his "help."

She hissed at him as he approached closer.  With swift movements she leaped in the air, grabbing a hold of an over head pipe. 

Gracefully, she lifted her seemingly weightless body up over the pipe, landing on her feet in a
crouch.  She looked below her, meeting Jason's look.

Not caring what noise she made now, she took off along the pipe, her booted feet make loud hollow noises inside the pipe as she moved further away from him.

Rosenbomb, seeing the flash of movement over head, raised his rifle with out checking for a target first.  His bullets, ricocheted off the metal
showering sparks down around him.

His rifle was suddenly shoved downward, his hand yanked away from the trigger.

"What the fuck?"His dark eyes seemingly glared at the man in front of him.

"Place a target first."  Howell ignored the glare and turned around.  "We don't need friendly fire kills."

The sound off Rosenbomb's crushing chest filled the distance between the two men.

Howell whirled around his mouth slack as he witnessed the massive arm retracting from the center of Rosenbomb's chest.

Carelessly, the massive man tossed the limp, bloody body at the shocked man in front of him, shielding him from the bullets that finally spewed from the gun.

Before he had a chance to move, the giant was already upon him and had him by the throat.

Like he was paper, Jason flung him away.
Helpless, Howell slammed into a porcelain toilet sitting in the walking way. The force shattered the bowl and tank, spilling what little water was left
inside over the items near by.

The inhuman creature looked around for a useful weapon.  He spot the heavy tank lid laying next to him.  He picked it up, walking his slow, steady walk towards the injured man.

Groaning, Howell tried to crawl away from his attacker, knowing that in his mind he was finished.  But he refused to give up easily.

The first blow caught him across his upraised forearms, splitting the skin that was stretched across the bones, shattering the slimmest of all bones in his arm.

He let out a yelp and hugged his useless
arm to his chest.  Now on his back, he tried to use his other arm to move him away from the mass of muscle in front of him, as well as defend the
heavy bone shattering blows that were laid on him.

Broken in two, the tank lid came down on his lower face, slicing his skin along the jaw line.  Muscle,fat and blood poured out of the gapping wound.

The blows came harder and faster, til the final blow shattered his skull, exploding his brain inside.

Jourdyn closed her mind to the deadly thuds coming from behind and below her.  She continued to run along the slim pipeline.

Up ahead the pipe curved to the right, following the line of the wall in the middle of the room.

She never slowed.

At the break, she leapt below her, landing squarely on the back of Francisco.  Her body weight though light slammed him to the ground.

She reached for the closest item, a long rag. 
Wrapping it around his neck, she crossed her hands behind his head and pulled back.  With her strength and his struggles he was unconscious quickly.

Sensing time, she pulled his head up towards her's.  Her lips resting on his neck, she could feel the slow pulse of his heart through the thin skin.

She opened her mouth, her sharp teeth flashing in the dimness.  They pierced the skin effortlessly, letting the coppery tasting fluid gush into her
waiting mouth.

"Let him go."

She turned her head, blood dripping from her lips. 
The last Elite stood behind her.  His gun raised the light on the muzzle shining directly into her eyes.

She dropped the body, raising her hands to block the light in the same movement.

Her eyes changed suddenly, sadness filling them, tears almost seeming to start brimming from the edges.

McSweeney, hesitated.  The look in her eyes was something he hadn't been expecting.

"Please."  She raised her hands, tears starting down her cheeks.  "Help me."

She turned around to face him. Placing her hands on the ground to help her stand up.

"Don't move, keep your hands up."  he raised the gun following her movements as she stood.

"You must help me."  Her voice seemed to quiver with fear.  "I can't do this alone."

Confused, the soldier lowered his gun slightly, his blue eyes focused on hers.

*Why had she changed her attitude suddenly?*

She ran her tongue along her bloody lips, wiping them clean.

His eyes disobeying his mind, followed it's movement.  She stood up facing him.  Her pleading eyes focused on his confused ones.

She moved forward, her hands at her side her gaze fixed steadily, seductively on his.

Transfixed by her eyes McSweeney's gun slowly lowered to the floor.  As she made it to him it's muzzle was pointing downward, light off, finger off the trigger.

She reached out for him placing her cool fingers on his cheek.  His body not listening to his mind, he reached forward placing his hand behind her neck and pulling her to him.

Their lips collided, with violent passion.  She reached up with both hands now cradling his head between them.  He kissed her deep and hard, never once imagining what she was going to do.

He pulled back to get a look at her, not believing what he was doing.  It was almost as if his mind had been taken over and was no longer part of him.

He kissed her once more. The second his tongue reached into her mouth, searching once more, she reacted.


Her teeth came together with a rush.  Blood spurted into both of their mouths.

McSweeney screamed and pulled back, ripping his tongue from her clenched teeth.  His eyes wide in shock he watched as she bared her sharp. blood teeth at him, pulling him closer.

He tried to struggle but despite his muscled mass, he was no match for her strength.  She pulled him to her once again, her teeth ripping through his
skin, shredding his throat open.  She drank deeply from his veins before she let go, letting his body crumple heavily to the ground.

She stood above him, licking her fingers as if she had just ate delicious, barbequed chicken.  Enjoying the rush of his energizing blood through her body.

A whimpering noise brought her attention around behind her.  She turned slightly.  A smile widening across her now clean lips.

A small almost child like man huddled in the corner, his arms wrapped protectively against his chest as he watched the slaughter in front of him.


notes for part eleven. "fubar" means fucked up beyond any recognition. The paragraph or two with astericks (**) at the beginning and end are a flashback

He shook with fear as the green eyes of his creation stared him down.

"W-w-where...where's where's the Elites?"  His voice cracked.

She cocked her head to the side, slightly confused.

"The Elite's?"  She paused looking behind her at the body of McSweeney. 

"They're fubar'd." She shrugged her shoulders.

He looked past her saddened suddenly, knowing he was all alone.

She moved faster than he could register, grabbing him by the neck she lifted him upwards up off his feet slamming his body against the wall behind him.

He was amazed.  Her strength was more than he could ever have imagined.  A normal woman her size would never have been able to lift a man inches taller than her and more than 50 pounds heavier.  Nor take on a whole team of trained professional killers as easily as she had.

As the thoughts came to his mind, the contact with his skin seemed to flow them into her's.  She pulled back slightly but still holding him up.

Shaking her head not totally understanding she squeezed her hand causing the air flow to his lungs diminish slightly.  Not enough to make him pass out but enough to get his attention.

"Who are you."  She look into his eyes curiously.  "Who am I?"

Reaching up with his hands trying to loosen her grip, he realized he had no other choice than to tell her.

"You are Jordan Lemke, ex agent."

She leaned in closer shaking her head.

"Yes you are..."  He glanced over her shoulder looking for a way to explain.   "Only...different."


"You died or rather were killed we brought you back to life."

The vision that had been plaguing her mind ever since she had been released showed it's ugly face.

*A large form stood in front of her, light flashing off metal, a machete.  The knife slicing downwards in an arc, laying open her torso, her guts burst from their tight, cramped space inside her abdominal cavity. The monster, the same one she had summoned to her rescue, dropped her as the
life drained from her.  The darkness enveloping her.*

"Yes it was him, he's the one."  he swallowed as best as he could with her hand wrapped around his throat.  "H-h-he killed you allowing us to use you in the experiment."

Her eyes focused back on him, anger flashing through them to his.

"You hunted him down only to be killed by him."

A thought started forming in her mind once more.

"What am I?"  She asked the question once more.

"Part human, part machine."  He reached up trying to pull her hand away from him.  " Your body is mostly human but yet your heart is not.  It controls everything, your whole body, your mind, your strength.  Everything."

She lowered him to the ground, her hand still clasped around his throat as the realization started coming to her.

"Your an amazing machine.  Nothing can harm you, nothing can kill you.  But yet you have human characteristics.  You can feel things, you can sense things, hear, taste smell.  Everything else is the same.  You are the ultimate weapon..."

"Until?"  She flashed daggers back at him.

"You malfunctioned some how.  Went crazy starting to kill.  Anything and everything you had to be stopped but couldn't be."

"Cause I can't die."

"No you can."  He watched her closely hoping she would come to her sense and let him go.

She watched him for several seconds.

*Maybe he could help?*

Then something else flashed in her mind.  The one thing she hated more than anything.

What she was.

Anger flashed through her eyes once more.  Ray's own grew wide as he realized his plan had backfired, greatly.

""  With each word she squeezed harder.

His face started to turn red with the lack of air. He clawed at her hands, tearing the flesh causing blood to form where his nails had cut through the

The anger grew in her rising higher and higher at the truth.  She shoved him into the wall, her hand crushing his throat cutting off his air supply

He knew it was the end.  But now he knew what had gone wrong.  She hated what she was and killed those who had caused it.

And he was the last.

He made a last desperate attempt to get away. 

Hoping to negotiate with her, he reached weakly inside his coat and pulled out a small Kel-Tec pistol Rosenbomb had given him right before they entered this place.

Seeing the movement, she made that head tilt that was oddly the same characteristic of her worst enemy.  She looked into his eyes, realization coming to her.

He raised the gun to her chest.  She grabbed ahold of his hand, he figured to pull it back but instead she wrapped her fingers around his, forcing him to pull the trigger.

The small calibre exploded out of the muzzle tearing through her rib cage, exiting out her back.

She felt nothing.

She ripped the gun away, fling it to the side and pressed his neck even harder.

The darkness started forming at the outer reaches of his vision.  he was partially glad that he would go unconscious for he wouldn't be able to feel
what she would do to him afterwards.

She cocked her head to the side again and smiled.  With the lack of oxygen,
he had forgotten one of her best features.

She could read minds.

She loosened her grip and shook him, bringing him back around.  Leaning in closer to him, almost nose to nose, she made sure he was alert once more. 

For she wanted him to feel everything.  Feel the wrath of what he had created.

She pulled her free arm back bringing the elbow up and behind her.  Like a sling shot she reached forward, tearing through his chest.

He screamed out in agony as her fingers ripped through skin, muscle and bone.  Finally wrapping around what they were searching for.

With viciousness, she yanked her hand back out.  His still beating heart grasped between her fist.
His eyes grew wide as he watched his own heart beating it's last few beats. Her own stared at the organ curiously.

With seconds left  of his pathetic life, she brought the organ to her lips, tearing a chunk off and swallowing it whole.

She moved her head closer to him, her lips brushing his ears to make sure that her words where the last he heard.

"Now...I have a human heart."

His eyes closed forever as his brain gave up.  She let go without moving her body, watching as he slumped to the floor.

She knew it was finally over.  She had one more thing to do, one more thing to find.

She stood up from her last victim, slowly.  Her movements deliberate. 

Breathing heavily, she straightened up.  She raised her head, focusing her eyes on the looming form several yards in front of her.  Her hands down at her sides, blood dripping off her fingertips to the floor below.  In her clean hand she held her weapon of choice.

With a scream of rage, she charged.  Her feet pounded the concrete below gaining speed rapidly.

The monster in front of her stepped forward, one foot in front of the other in his slow steady, motionless pace.

They collided with a muffled thud.  The force of the two bodies connecting at speed caused the larger form to spin around. 

The smaller one seemed to slam into him and bounce off.

She fell backwards on her butt, her hands out to catch her self.  She was leaping to her feet the second she hit the ground. 

Raising the hand with the knife still clasped in it, she  brought it down viciously stabbing repeatedly into the massive torso of her enemy.

He stood there as the blows came, her anger showing in her screams that filled the large room.  Rage coming forth in the fact that he wouldn't get
beat down.

He reached down grabbing her small wrists in his huge hands.  He lifted her up off her feet, catching her slightly off  balance.Roughly he flung her to the side, sending her crashing into shelves,
knocking them down one hitting the next in a domino effect.

She tossed aside unknown items that had fallen on top of her on the collapsing of the shelves.  Her teeth clenched as she growled in rage at the
beast in front of her.

He reached up grabbing the knife left in his chest and flung it away.

She watched as the knife went flying through the air, end over end, hitting the railing of an overhead catwalk and clattering to it's flooring.

She moved her eyes back to the masked form making his way towards her.  She leaped at him once more.  her voice screaming out at him.

He reacted quickly grabbing her in mid air and slamming her small body into the hard floor beneath his feet. Her head made a sickening sound as it cracked against the floor.  She
staggered back to her feet, the blow making her dizzier than she had

She swung at him her fists landing carelessly against his massive chest. Having little effect on him.

He pulled his right hand back, slamming it forward into her face.  Her nose and jaw shattered under the force.  Blood spurting from her busted nostrils.

She stumbled backwards.  Dragging the back of her arm across her face.  Staring at the blood that she had wiped from her wounds, the anger grew in her.

She hated him.  She wanted him dead.  Just the same as he had once killed her.

She reached forward grabbing handfuls of his clothing in her hands, but before he slammed her to the ground again she was only able to tear a small piece from it.

She leapt at him once more desperate to get away from him giving her a few more minutes. She charged at him once more, throwing her hands out directly in front of her.  He grabbed on arm easily and flung her around to the side of him, while still holding on to her hand.

The jerking movement and the weight of her body being tossed aside caused her bones to snap.

The broken fragments cut through the skin. 

Bood splashed across her clothing as she tore her wounded arm away from him and crashed to the

Finally no longer cornered, she stumbled to her feet and took off at a dead run for the narrow stair case a few 100 yards away.

She reached out for the railing grabbing it as she slid past, slamming into the railing on the other side. Grunting slightly with the hard contact, she ignored the looming figure advancing on her.  She sprinted up the stairs and took off for the far end
of it.

He followed her up the stairs, never relenting his pursuit of his intended

The catwalk ran for several 100 feet then dropped off.  It's old rusted supports groaned under the sudden weight it hadn't been used to caring for

Her eyes frantically searched for the disguarded knife.  Desperate to find it before he reached her.
She dropped to her knees reaching out with her one good hand, scrapping her palm against the rusted metal grating she was kneeling on.

He almost had her.  His foot steps sounded loudly amongst the groans and creaks of the stressed metal.

Her finger's clamped around the metal handle of her knife at the same moment his huge arms wrapped themselves around her upper torso.

She squirmed even though she knew he had a strong grip on her.

But before he could do anything with her another person appeared from the end of the catwalk.

Jason turned on the person, throwing his victim at him, causing them both to crash to the floor.

Her back slammed against a shelving unit. She heard a loud snap and felt her body seem to disappear.  As her limp body bounced off the shelves she fell face first, impaling her self through the shoulder on cut off pole that was
sticking out from the cement below.

The cat walk under the strain and stress of the combined weights and jerky
movements of the three people finally let go.

The gargantuate weight of the monster slammed into the ground just mere feet from where Jourdyn had landed.  His feet buckled beneath his weight and he tumbled to his knees. But he was up within seconds.

He turned towards the struggling woman.  Her body not responding to her commands she gave it, she thrashed around, arms flailing around trying to free herself.

She twisted her head around becoming still at a different noise.  She saw the smaller shadow move from behind the giant.  Light glinting off shiny metal once more.

"Jason!"  Not knowing why she shouted a warning just as the sword swung down.

But he was too late.  Jason spun around his fist connecting with the face of Howell causing his head to tear from his neck seconds before the sword came down to behead the monster itself.

Her breath coming in rasped gasps, as the shadow fell over her.  Her green eyes seeming to fill with what appeared to be panic as they met the steady gaze of the masked figure looming over her.


With superhuman strength, he yanked the pipe from it's grasp in the cement of the floor, ripping it from her shoulder and in the process flipping her
over onto her useless back.

She was afraid but didn't understand why.

He grabbed her by the hand, yanking her from the pool of blood that was growing beneath her body.

Dragging her by the arm, he pulled her away from the crumpled mass of the catwalk.

He let her hand drop to the ground. he looked at her for awhile almost seeming to ponder how he was going to kill her.

Kneeling down he grabbed her other hand forcing her to let go of the knife she still had grasped in her hand.

With a last ounce of strength and flash of movement, she reached up grabbing his head between her hands.

The picture slammed into his mind causing him to pull his head back slightly with a grunt, but yet she still held him in her grasp making all the pain and suffering she had gone through in the last few years explode through what was left of his mind.

Exhausted and finished she let her hands drop. 

Seconds flash by as they stare at each other, her daring him to make a move, the final move.

Knowing its all over, a tear, this time for real trickles down her cheek leaving a clean path amongst all the dirt and blood.

He seemed to let her suffering continue.  Wanting it to end she grabbed his hand still holding her knife and placed it, point down upon her chest,
directly over her heart.

"Please."  She whispers her eyes pleading.

Cocking his head to the side, he shoves the knife down, laying all his weight onto it.  The knife and part of his hand plunge through her chest,
shredding everything in it's path including her heart.

She grabbed a hand full of clothing on his chest as the pain, pain she had no memory of exploded through her body.  She knew she is dying, this is the end.

With one last bit of strength she reached upward and sliding his mask from his face.  His one piercing green eye watched as she struggled for air.

The last bit of breath escaped from her lungs and she closed her eyes for ever.  Her body relaxed, her hand droped from it's death grip on his
clothing, sliding onto his lap as he crouched over her.

Reaching forward he placed his free hand upon her chest, pushing downward to free his hand.

Standing up, he cocked his head to the side for one last time as he looked down at the lifeless body.

Then he turned and walked off.

It was finally over.

For her.


FBI#1 - dart in throat
FBI#2 - knife in heart
EARNHARDT (soldier that released her) - neck broken, artery slashed
ARNAUT (soldier in corridor after escape) - throat ripped ut, decapitated
LAB TECH#1 - stabbed with broken glass
LAB TECH#2 - throat slashed
CHEMIST - brain pierced though eye with scissors
LAB TECH #5 - scissors in back of neck
LAB TECH#6 - knife in chest
LAB TECHS #7,8,9 - melted with sulfuric acid
LAB TECHS#10,11 - exploded
TAYLOR - speared with pipe
SCOTT - neck broken, throat slashed
FRANCISCO - strangled
MCSWEENEY - bled to death due to throat being torn out
RAY - heart torn out and eaten

GUARD #1 - decapitated
GUARD #2 - beat with own arm
GUARD #3 - skull crushed
GUARD #4 - knife in neck
GUARD #5 - neck broken
GUARD #6 - skull crushed
GUARD #7 - skull crushed
GUARD #8 - knife in chest
LAB TECH #3 - head crushed
LAB TECH #4 - chopsticks to the throat
MOORE - neck snapped
ROSENBOMB - punched through chest cavity
HOWELL - bludgeoned to death by toilet
and the biggest of all kills::
JOURDYN - stabbed through heart